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Visionary Transformation
Expert Execution

Rabina development projects all share certain hallmarks: superior design, engineering, and construction; well capitalized and optimized financing; a distinctive and unique positioning and offering; a focus on creating community among occupants; and a highly calibrated business plan tailored towards long-term value and profitability.

Rabina’s development team is made up of highly collaborative professionals from a diverse array of disciplinary backgrounds. The team takes great care in assembling and tailoring best-in-class third-party partners and consultants across all fields to the scale, location, and positioning of each project.


Rabina has successfully led the development of more than four million square feet of projects, ranging from urban-core mixed-use towers and master-planned new neighborhoods to build-to-suit data centers. In addition, Rabina has partnered with best-in-class developers on multiple projects across the country.