Company Overview

Investing In Opportunities

Rabina Properties is a real estate investment, development, asset management and finance firm based in New York with a national presence. Family-owned and operated for three generations and more than 60 years, Rabina Properties owns and operates more than seven million square feet of diversified property across the residential, office, retail, mission critical and industrial sectors.

Rabina believes in its real estate assets and has built the company by investing capital in opportunities across a diversified range of product types. The firm’s long-term vision, deep experience and agile strategy have allowed the Rabina team to see market shifts and react to the dynamics of business cycles to generate value consistently since the firm’s founding.

Rabina’s footprint continues to grow through the development of acquisitions and the construction of new projects. The team remains poised for new real estate opportunities that create and sustain value for the communities where Rabina operates and for Rabina’s partners.

Guiding principles

Think Simply & Fundamentally

Be Open-Minded

Apply tested and trusted methods on new opportunities

Work with the Best

Work with best-in-class partners that contribute expertise in addition to equity

Interest Align

Ensure investor and partner interests are aligned with ours

Invest with a Long-Term Mindset

But respond to change with agility

Behave Morally

And invest morally at all times